Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Week Goes By

Maintenance is fully under way our home. M has been very consistent about keeping our schedule. Last night he let me off and I didn't have to ask to hard. It was a nice kind of "gift" since he knew I was having a relaxing evening watching tv and I worked hard to entertain the kids all day. Tomorrow night will be our next maintenance and I expect it to be a bit intense since we took a night off.

Last week I had a maintenance spanking followed up by a reminder spanking almost immediately. I had completed my maintenance and corner time and follow up spanks and was in the closet for some reason looking for something. I said something with an attitude and was back over the side of the bed before I knew what hit me (literally). It was over my pajama pants but it still stung like crazy since I was already sore. I wish he would use that type of response more often, sometimes I feel like it's all maintenance these days.

The topic of November for us will be keeping a budget. I'm terrible at this and M is going to curb me but keeping track of every penny I spend. While its awful to not be able to buy as I please I know that I spend without any disregard to our checking account and the consequences that come with it. I know that this will be a painful way to get us to a better place, both painful for me because I won't have access to the account and painful because I'm sure I'll have to ask for money beyond what my allowance will be which will result in consequences for my rear end.

He's also broken the last of our switches which is a blessing! Yes they are quiet which is great with the kids, but darn if they are not the most stinky painful impelement ever. I am much more of a thudy hard implement kind of girl and the switch is my most dreaded. Though last week he used the small wooden back scratcher that he bought just for spankings and it stung awful. He really hit the lower part of my cheeks where the leg creases which was almost unbearable. I don't care for the swats to high it's more a challenge in holding my breath then. The lower ones are the ones i rememer for days and the ones that remind me to stya in line. We're both still learning though and he's definitily a quick learner.

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